RAW Bistro

Come and get it: Raw Bistro is on the market!

GroupCROP_cmyk300_7inAfter some unplanned delays, we're excited to finally roll out Raw Bistro products in stores throughout the Twin Cities!  In mid-2011 we had our much-tested-and-perfected recipe down Pat (as in founder Pat Greene), and were gearing up for production. But our packaging, a resealable zip 'chub' or tube, was giving us problems, and no matter what we tried, there was a tendency toward leakage. Rather than hit the market with what we knew wasn't quite right, we changed our format to patties that could be easily packaged in a zipper bag. The result is a better solution all around, as patties are easier to portion, thaw and serve as well as store. Look for our Raw Bistro Entrees and Bistro Bones in the freezer case at select independent pet retailers, and start your dog on the path to health and vitality nature intended!

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