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Meet Amanda and Lady

Our friend Amanda Hosier lives in the greater Denver area with her miniature Australian Shepherd Lady, where together they compete in two dog sports: Agility and Dock Dogs distance jumping. Dog sports are thrilling to watch and growing more popular every year. And it goes without saying (almost) that dogs in competition need optimal nutrition. In fact, that’s how we first met Amanda and Lady; when Amanda couldn’t find Raw Bistro in the Denver area, she contacted us directly. We’re still working on getting distribution set up in Denver, but we were so impressed with this dynamic duo that we’re sponsoring them on the Dock Dogs and Agility circuit at competitions throughout Colorado and neighboring states. Before they discovered Raw Bistro, Lady had been on lots of different foods. She had developed allergies on a kibble diet, and Amanda was trying various alternatives, without much success, until she found Raw Bistro. Read more about Lady’s raw journey in Amanda’s blog post here.  And look for regular updates on Lady’s competitions in blogs to come! http://youtu.be/kFOs9M2I5dg

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