RAW Bistro

Black is the new clear

RB_EntreeGroup_V1_6x4rgbWe’ve been tweaking our packaging over the winter and now we're excited to unveil the result! Look for Raw Bistro Entrées in new screen-printed, light-blocking, resealable bags that do a better job of protecting the contents and won’t peel like the sticker on our old clear bags occasionally did. The new design features bright colors that pop against the black to make it easy to see at a glance what you’re pulling from the freezer: Chicken (lime green), Beef (red), Turkey (yellow) or Bison (magenta). And now, you can choose from two sizes: 3-lb. bags of approx. 24 2-oz. patties (great for small to medium-sized dogs) and  6-lb. bags of approx. 12 8-oz. patties (just right for larger dogs).   The new packaging will roll out for Treats and Bones over the next few months.

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