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Dr. Karen Becker makes a stop at Raw Bistro!

Pat and Dr. BeckerWidely known and respected integrative veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker visited Raw Bistro headquarters in Cannon Falls, Minnesota.  A long-time species-appropriate raw food advocate, Dr. Becker was interested in seeing our plant. Next we went the short distance down the road so she could tour two of our suppliers, Thousand Hills Cattle Company, where we source our 100% grass-fed beef, and Ferndale Market, where we get our pasture-raised turkey.  It was great to be able to talk with Dr. Becker about her take on the raw food movement and to have her confirm that we're doing things the right way, from using only grass-fed and pasture-raised livestock to working with top animal nutritionists in creating our recipes. In all, we were able to spend a couple days with Dr. Becker and there's talk of her returning this spring to present a seminar or two. We'll keep you posted!

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