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Dog Patch is a trifecta store!

DogPatchlargelogo_yellowIf you're in the Naperville, Illinois area, pay a visit to Dog Patch, a full-service pet store that offers a wide range of quality foods, gear from basic to innovative, and a lovely selection of rescue dogs.  Yes, that's right - you will find dogs getting a 2nd chance at life available for adoption at Dog Patch, every day. While sampling Raw Bistro products at Dog Patch last weekend, we were impressed with the number of staff available as well as their helpfullness.  Several potential dog lovers/guardians visited, and we were excited to see three well-matched, rescue dogs and families head to their cars to begin their new lives together just over the course of a few hours.  Lots of folks were excited to try Raw Bistro food and treat for their dogs already at home. So three cheers to Dog Patch, doing a great job and giving more dogs a chance to win. Rawsome!

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