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Avian Flu: our products are safe

Anyone who’s paid attention to the news lately knows that poultry farms are under siege due to random outbreaks of Avian Influenza. We sympathize with the hardships many are experiencing, but we wanted to let all of you know that to date our suppliers have not been affected.

Maybe it’s chance, or maybe it’s that our suppliers’ care of their flocks and free-range practices that help to protect them. They believe that sunshine and low density are strong preventive medicine, and we are inclined to agree!

In any case, we are thankful to be able to continue to offer Turkey and Chicken Entrées and Treats that are absolutely safe for your dog to eat! It’s time like these that we realize how truly valuable it is to know our farmers and where our food comes. If anything should change, we’ll know immediately….so you can rest assured that Raw Bistro products will continue to be perfectly safe.



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