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A #RawResolution Weight Loss Story

Weight loss for humans is tough. For dogs, it can seem almost impossible. Regardless of the special “weight loss” food that is available, the additional exercise and our best intentions as humans, it can sometime seem like an unfeasible task to help a dog lose weight. Yet at Raw Bistro, we have seen our share of success stories. We don’t offer a “diet version” of our food - it’s simply real, whole foods that have been carefully balanced to meet all of a dog’s nutritional needs. Our advice is to follow our feeding calculator, and adjust the serving size to meet your dog’s *weight loss needs.

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An example of a great Raw Bistro weight loss story is that of Cal, a very friendly, happy Beagle, who when adopted was also overweight. At age 4, Cal weighed in at 38 pounds and his chest and waist measured 26 inches. Cal came from a shelter where he had been put on a weight loss regimen with two other Beagles. All were given exercise and premium weight loss kibble. But they did not lose weight. When Cal’s new owner brought him home and changed his diet to Raw Bistro, a change was seen almost immediately. He lost three inches off his waist, and as the bloat left his body, energy started to flow.

In six months, he reached his current weight of 22 pounds and proudly pranced into his intended life. He had lost 9 inches from his waist and 6 inches from his chest. Today, Cal is an excellent example of the transformative power of a raw diet. By eating Raw Bistro, he escaped his “fat coat” jail. He was four years old at adoption; now with weight loss he acts like he is two years old! Cal is now in school “catching up” and loving life.

Thank you LouAnn and Cal from Maple Park, IL for sharing your story.

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Raw Resolution Dog Weight Loss Raw Bistro

*Ideal, healthy weight loss should be roughly 1 – 2% of body weight per week. Cal was carefully monitored and within this range, thanks to the wonderful care provided by Dr. Karen Becker and the Natural Pet staff.


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