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#‎RawResolution:‬ Congratulations January Winners

Throughout the month of January, Raw Bistro received over a hundred #RawResolution contest entries! The weekly winners were chose at random, with the better odds going to the dog parents who shared more than one photo and #RawResolution with us over the month. 

The final winners for January included: Bam, Charity, Brim and Kennedy.

All won Raw Bistro treats for sharing a picture and telling us their ‪#‎RawResolutions‬. Congratulations to all of the January winners! It was so great to see so many healthy dogs and owners alike. We think all of the entries were truly #rawsome. 

Your dog can still win too! Tell Raw Bistro your dog's healthy #RawResolution and enter for a chance to win each month of 2016! Does Fido need help losing those last 2 lbs? Maybe Buster just wants to be more active. Or perhaps it could mean ensuring your pup eats the best possible food for their overall health. Whatever their #RawResolution might be, keep sharing them with us through 2016! There will be 11 more winners this year, will you be one of them?

Contest info here: RawBistro.com/raw-resolution

Charity's #RawResolution: To lose her winter fluff and maintain her hair. 


Kennedy's #RawResolution: Maintain weight and fitness levels! 


Brim's #RawResolution: To get more snow into his diet this year. 


Bam's #RawResolution:  To get healthy and stop eating people food from his mom's plate!


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