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GMOs? We say no.

Here’s why you won’t find GMOs in Raw Bistro Pet Fare

GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are the result of splicing genetic material from one plant or organism into another through laboratory engineering. The resulting plants would never come into being through natural means, and virtually all are engineered to withstand the application of herbicides or to actually produce pesticides themselves.

In our country we have a bit of a war going on over GMOs. On one side is Big Ag, the developers and makers of GMO crops. On the other are concerned individuals, companies and scientists who want to ensure that our food remains safe and that consumers have the option to choose non-GMO products.

At Raw Bistro we believe that GMO crops have not been adequately studied by independent sources, and that the effects on health and ecosystems are, at best, not well understood, and at worst, downright harmful. More than 60 countries concur, including the European Union, Australia and Japan, where GMOS are highly restricted or banned outright.

One of our core tenets is respect—for our customers and companion animals, and for the animals, farmers and land that produce our resources. GMOs simply don’t align with those values. We do not source any of our meat from genetically modified animals, and we can ensure that our 100% Grass-Fed Beef have never been fed any GMO feed, either. We also choose to use organic fruits and vegetables, which are, by definition, GMO-free. However, although we source our bison and poultry from conscientious producers, it is not possible to ensure that their feed has never contained any GMO grain, but it is a goal we are working toward.

We encourage everyone to get educated about GMOs and make your own choices. You can learn more about GMOs at the Non-GMO Project.

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Thank you for producing a raw food that I know is safe for my Doberman. She not only loves the food, she has thrived on your beef and bison. I finally have been able to put weight on her and her coat is beautiful. Her Vet asked me last week what I was feeding her. He was amazed at how wonderful Calli looked. Thank you for helping to get my girl healthy.

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