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new years dog resolution

It's a new year and with that many new year’s resolution. For 2017 Raw Bistro’s resolution is to provide encouragement and support in our online community for those choosing a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their pets. We invite you to join us with our #RawResolution! As we grow this community we will be encouraging people to share their own resolutions to be healthy, perhaps exercise a bit more, eat a bit healthier we encourage you to also consider your dog this year. Share your photos of you and your dogs with the #RawResolution hashtag and help spread the message. Healthy owners and dogs together to take on the world!

What is the Raw Bistro #RawResolution Initiative?

We are starting this initiative to encourage conscientious pet owners who care for their pet’s health to share with others using the #RawResolution hashtag on social media. We are also encouraging those who are looking for support in their own healthy choices to join in. So many people have discovered the benefits of feeding their dogs a raw food diet and we hope they will share. But it is not just about food. It’s about health and wellness. Dogs love to be active and we hope to see people share what they do to stay active with their dogs.

What do we hope to accomplish – to build our community to be stronger – to support one another in our efforts and to encourage others to make the resolution to a healthier life for their pets and themselves.

#RawResolution prizes and more!

Using the #RawResolution hashtag please join us by sharing your photos of your dogs and tell us your resolutions for the new year. Perhaps it’s to exercise more, play at the dog park, go on more hikes or start a new activity with your dog. Maybe you are making a resolution for yourself to eat healthier and want to include your dog in the resolution – we would love to hear about how you may be using raw dog food as a way to increase your dog’s health and wellness and certainly hope you will consider trying Raw Bistro. Whatever it is you resolve for health and wellness or perhaps you are already in peak condition and will resolve to keep it up –we hope you will share with us!

During January we will be giving away weekly prizes – to enter you simply share your photos with the #RawResolution hashtag. It’s that easy! If you want even more chances to win sign up for our email list here! The more you share the more chances you have to win! Prizes will be our NEW Premium Dehydrated Raw!

After January we will continue monthly drawings and offer other specials and deals along the way on the #RawResolution hashtag. For official contest rules and prizes click here.

Happy new year and here’s to you and your furry friends!


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