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Saving the Galgos

An ancient breed

Spanish Galgos are an ancient breed of sighthound, similar to Greyhounds. Graceful, intelligent and calm, they were once the Royal Dogs of the King and Queen of Spain, but today, sadly they have plummeted to the level of invisible and throw-away dogs. Often, they are brutally mistreated. And like Pit Bulls here in the U.S., their image is one of undesirability—yet when you meet them, their treasure and worthiness is more than obvious. 


Love Hope Believe Galgo Adoption

The plight of the Galgos is heart-breaking, but the world is taking notice, and rescue efforts are growing. In 2013, Chicagoans Amanda and Travis Patenaude founded Love, Hope and Believe Galgo Adoption (LHBGA) and began working with Spanish authorities to bring these beautiful dogs as to the U.S. for a chance at a better life. LHBGA makes 1 to 2 trips to Spain each year and has re-homed 42 Galgos in the U.S.


The Raw Bistro connection

Lou Ann Forbes meeting a Galgo pup in Spain.In late May, Raw Bistro rep Lou Ann Forbes accompanied LHBGA on a rescue mission to Fundacion Benjamin Mehnert near Seville, a group working on behalf of Galgos in Spain. In addition to arranging for the transfer of six dogs to the U.S., the two groups exchanged information and shared operating techniques in order to improve the plight of shelter animals from surrender to adoption and after, on both sides. While LHBGA aims to rescue as many Galgos as they can, the group’s over-arching mission is to illuminate the abuse and plight of the Galgo.


A new life

Six Galgos came to the U.S. in June as part of the rescue mission. All of the dogs were vet checked (they were also vetted in Spain) on arrival and then went to foster homes. Of the six Galgos that made their way to Chicago, five have now found their forever homes. One, Fabian, is quite fearful of people and is going through training with Chicago-based A Sound Beginning, a group that has trained many Galgos and is also working to bring attention to their plight.


For more information on Galgos and LHBGA visit http://www.adoptagalgo.com


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