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Raw beginnings

I’ve always loved, and lived with, animals—turtles, birds, ducks, rabbits, monkey, dogs and cats (and one day I hope to add horses to the list!)

I also understand the importance of nutrition. So I used to feed my dogs whatever kibble was the most advertised at the time, topped with an occasional egg or a little cod liver oil. I believed I was giving them a great diet—until I met Chase, my Field Golden Retriever.  Nothing was working to keep food in him or weight on him.  Then a friend suggested a raw diet, as nature intended. Chase started right out spit-shining his bowl and putting on weight. Soon his coat was glowing, his eyes were sparkling, and he was so much calmer!

After witnessing these changes, I knew there was no turning back. There would be no kibble again. I also couldn’t wait to share this experience with friends and their pets.  Each quickly noticed remarkable, positive changes in their pet’s health. Now I want all pet owners to know! We need to feed our companions a food they can thrive on, not just what’s convenient for us as owners.

Raw Bistro raw food and treats is our calling…it’s feeding for true health and well-being.

— Pat Greene, Founder