Bowl-licking good!

I have two very different dogs, a 20-lb. Doxie mix and a 60-lb. hound. Both of them love their Raw Bistro, to the point where they lick the bowl clean after every feeding! My doxie actually comes back for a second bowl-cleaning of both bowls. :) My vet has also commented on their trim physiques and shiny coats. Bonus: smaller stools that make cleaning up a lot easier too. 4 paws up!

Susan Bonne from Minneapolis, MN

Best Available!

Our dog has severe allergies - nothing was working until we switched his diet to strictly RAW BISTRO BISON. His voracious itching & various irritations from immune problems are so much better. It's such a great quality - cost of food vs Vet bills & miserable pet made our decision much easier. I can't rave enough about this high quality food!!

Wendy Peterson from St. Croix Falls, WI

Premium Dog Food!

The quality and care that goes into this product is evident as soon as you open a bag. It looks and smells fresh, and my two dogs love it! I rotate between the turkey, beef, and bison. I have not tried chicken, only because of their allergies. After trying many other brands, I can honestly say that Raw Bistro is the best you can buy.

Roseann Martinez from O'Fallon, MO

Worth every penny!

What do my kids eat? Raw Bistro! Tough to beat. It’s caused me to go against my own recommendations of brand rotation. Most other companies aren’t holding a candle to how Raw Bistro looks smells and feeds. The results are evident in all 12 of my dogs! Worth every penny!

Lorin Grow owner of Furry Face in Redlands, CA

Doing it right

For raw food I have found that Raw Bistro is one of the best companies who is really doing it right.

Dr. Melissa Shelton Veterinarian - animalEO

Ethically Produced

Raw Bistro is one of the most ethically produced foods in the United States.

Dr. Karen Becker Veterinarian - Mercola Healthy Pets