Lady's Story

Lady-5Before I had my dog Lady, I didn’t really realize that dogs could have allergies just like we can. I had never given any thought as to what is actually in dog food. When I got Lady in March of 2011 it became quickly apparent something was going on; our vet discovered she has a grain allergy. After trying countless expensive dry dog food brands and finding nothing that really made it better, I began to look for something else. I was, like most people, very nervous about feeding raw food to Lady. But I took a leap of faith and tried it—and boy am I glad that I did!  Raw Bistro has helped Lady not only with her digestive problems but also with her coat, it’s so soft and bright. It also helps keep her in tip-top shape, which is important because she spends her days competing in Doggy sports. Not only do we love Raw Bistro food but also the philosophy that the company is based upon. Lady would give both the food and treats two pawbumps! Amanda & Lady Lafayette, CO
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