About Us

At Raw Bistro, we believe in the power of the raw diet to help pets live their healthiest and happiest lives. We also care deeply about animal welfare, the environment and sustainable farming practices. 

That's why we're committed to sourcing all our meats, poultry, game, vegetables and other ingredients from family farms who share our values, to processing our foods in a safe, hyper-clean facility, and working hard to minimize environmental impacts on all fronts.

made with respect, 100% grass-fed
free-range, organic fruits and veggies

Small picture, big picture; one doesn’t exist without the other. These ideas are not an afterthought, but an intrinsic part of our reason for being as well as every product we make.


Raw Beginnings

Like many new products, our raw entrees came into being through the “I needed something that didn’t exist” door.
Founder Patricia Greene’s dog Chase was not thriving on conventional dog food, and she was worried about him. She found raw food and that was far better. So much so that Chase began to thrive. But while good, the choices available still fell short in ways that were, to Pat, significant.
She wanted meats from animals that were humanely raised and properly fed on pasture only. She wanted nutrients, vitamins and minerals to come from the most appropriate and desirable sources, not from what was merely cheap or convenient. And she wanted recipes based on nutritional profiles developed by the most knowledgeable canine nutritionists in the field.
Gathering the knowledge and putting all the pieces together took more than 2 years. It was challenging, but ultimately satisfying. Raw Bistro made its debut on the shelves of leading Minnesota retailers in 2012, and the products are now available throughout the Midwest to California at select, independent pet retailers.
Pat and Chase: "Made with Respect for Chase and dogs everywhere"