Feeding Calculator

It seems there should be an easy way to figure out how much to feed your dog, but there is not.  Food needs vary by activity level, metabolic rate, age, breed, outdoor temperature and other variables.  It is important that you observe your pet closely and increase or reduce food quantity as needed for proper weight.

For Adult dogs, we have 3 different categories including: Less Active, Active & Very Active.  Experience has shown us that our healthy adult dogs maintain good body condition in the Less Active category – even though we would classify them in the Active to Very Active category.  You should not assume that this will be your experience, however it is important to know that this is not unusual.

Puppies, on the other hand, are categorized by their percentage of their adult weight.

If your dog is overweight, start out feeding them in the Less Active category for slightly under their current weight.  If you are switching from dry food, it is common to see significant weight loss in the first week which is primarily water weight.  After this, it is important that they lose no more than 1 – 2% of their body weight per week.  It is recommended that you work with your veterinarian to assist in monitoring your dog during weight loss.

Please note the following are guidelines.  Be sure to monitor your dog closely and consult your veterinarian, especially for pregnant or nursing dogs.

Feeding Calculator