Willy's Story

IMG_0020For years, my best buddy Willy was fed kibble and, for years, Willy suffered with chronic hot-spots and allergies that would cause him to constantly chew at his paws and lick sore spots all over his body.  I would bring Willy to the veterinarian who would then provide a prescription to clear this up – unfortunately, several months later, the symptoms would return.  As this went on, I knew something had to change - I could not just keep subjecting Willy to drugs to mask the problem, we had to get at the root of the cause...his diet. It's now been over two years since I transitioned Willy to a complete and balanced raw diet made of fresh, uncooked meats and greens.  The changes in his health have been remarkable.  No more hot spots, no more chewing at his paws, no more irritated skin – just a healthy, happy, thriving Boston – the way he should be! Justin & Willy Minneapolis, MN This is frequently what Willy's tummy & legs would look like prior to him making the transition to Raw Bistro Pet Fare. P1000859
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