Limited-Ingredient Raw Dog & Cat Food

Our Limited-Ingredient line of frozen raw foods for dogs and cats (formerly Golden Acres Pet Food) are designed for pet owners that prefer to tailor their raw diet to their pets' individual needs or supplemental feeding. Limited-Ingredient diets are not considered Complete & Balanced. In other words, these raw foods are made with only the most humane and ethical ingredients and adhere to the same high quality standards as all Raw Bistro products—without added vitamins or minerals.

Grinds are 100% meat including muscle, organ, ground bone and cartilage.

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Frequently asked questions

Limited ingredient dog food is made with a minimum number of ingredients, in order to reduce the amount of food ingredients your dog is exposed to. For some dog parents, these diets can help diagnose and manage food sensitivities or allergies.

Limited ingredient diets can be great to help manage your dog’s finicky or sensitive digestive system. Limiting what ingredients your dog is consuming can help navigate food intolerances or allergies.

Not necessarily. Limited ingredient could mean that there is only one protein, but it’s important to note that the definition can vary between companies. Some may contain one or two sources while others could still have multiple, simply using less ingredients than standard kibble. 

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