3 lb. Frozen Entree Variety 6 Pack

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Frozen Raw Entree Rotational Diet Pack for Dogs

From Boston’s to Berners, dogs crave and benefit from variety in their diet.  So we pair each of our single-source protein entrées with a different blend of organic produce. Rotate through our recipes for optimal nutrition and enjoyment! .

Pack includes six 3 lb. bags:
  • 2 bags Beef Entree
  • 2 bags Turkey Entree
  • 1 bag Chicken Entree
  • 1 bag Bison Entree

    Available in:
    2 oz. mini-patties in zip-seal bag (approx 24 per bag)
    Net bag weight each: 3 lb (48 oz)
    Net 6 bag weight: 18 lb (8.16 kg)

    Made in Cannon Falls, Minnesota.

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