Why Grass-Fed?

100% Grass-fed animals are happier, healthier, and a better food source.

Much is known about the unhappy lives and physical ailments of factory-farmed animals. In contrast, animals that are allowed to free roam and forage develop and grow at a natural pace, without enduring stress and disease.

We are what we eat, and so are our pets, as well as the farm animals who sustain us. Feedlot animals are fed an unnatural diet of corn, soy and waste products that plagues them with health issues, for which they also receive steady doses of antibiotics. All of these are passed up the food chain to our pets and to us.

And, something most people don’t know, grass-fed animals are actually more nutritious than their confined counterparts. For example, when compared with feedlot meat, the meat from grass-fed beef, bison and lamb has less saturated fat, cholesterol and calories, and more vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids.

In addition to pasturing their livestock, our suppliers never administer hormones or antibiotics, ensuring that these unnecessary chemicals don’t end up in our pets’ bodies.

For more information on the many benefits of grass-farming and the endless problems caused by factory farms where animals are confined, visit eatwild.com.

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