Why don't all Vets recommend a Raw Diet?

Have you ever asked your vet to recommend a food? Many vets hesitate, perhaps because they prefer not to run the risk of alienating clients, or the belief that no one diet is suitable for all dogs, or even a lack of knowledge about nutrition. In fairness to vets, their training doesn't focus on the role of diet in disease prevention. Veterinary schools don't spend much time on nutrition. In addition, large pet food companies wield a lot of power in schools; Hill's, maker of Science Diet kibble and canned food, actually provides nutritional training at many schools. Fortunately for our dogs and cats, many vets are starting to recommend raw feeding after seeing the improvements in the health of their own dogs and clients' dogs that have switched to a raw diet. For excellent and highly credible advice on the many benefits of a raw diet for dogs, check out Dr. Karen Becker, one of the Chicago area's Top 10  Vets (according to Chicago magazine). Dr. Becker has studied and written widely on canine nutrition. You can find excellent videos such as the one below and a wealth of information here. http://youtu.be/G3wLTlqnMMg?t=13s

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