Laurie's Pack

laurieWhen one of my dogs was diagnosed with high-grade cancer in December, 2007,  the vet told me that dogs with this type of cancer have only a two-month prognosis to live. Needless to say, I was devastated. But I am happy to report that he is still alive today, June, 2011, and doing extremely well! A significant reason he is doing so well is that I switched him to a raw diet. He did so well , in fact, that now all my dogs are on a raw diet. They are extremely healthy, happy, alert, bright eyes, well-formed stools, and weight-proportionate bodies. Too many dogs out there are overweight, which can lead to health issues and hip/joint problems later on. I highly recommend feeding your dog Raw Bistro; my dogs are very healthy and happy on this food! Laurie & her pack Excelsior, MN
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