Steve Brown and His Passion for Healthy, Raw Dog Food

steve and dogs july 07 1Steve Brown turned his passion for canine health into developing leading edge products and programs to improve canine nutrition.  In 1998, he developed the first AAFCO-compliant, frozen, raw-meat based diet.  After developing national distribution, Brown left the company to focus on research and education. In 2004, he co-authored, See Spot Live Longer and in 2010 he authored Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet (highly-recommended by Whole Dog Journal).  In addition, he has also written and published over 30 articles on canine nutrition to leading health websites, pet related magazines and veterinary journals. 


Today, Steve consults with veterinarians across the US - teaching them how to formulate foods that meet both European and North American guidelines. The videos below are a 2-part series from Mercola Healthy Pets.  Dr. Karen Becker interviews Steve calling him "THE authority on Optimal Nutrition for Dogs."

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