Nala the therapy dog changes many lives

A lot of things started changing for our friend Sandi Sportelli in Hutchinson MN last year, and they were all good. It began with her Samoyed Nala’s annual vet check, which showed high levels of liver enzymes and other troubling numbers. Because she had lost her previous dog to diabetes, Sandi was concerned. “I panicked,” she said, “and I started her on Raw Bistro right away on the advice of a friend.” Within a few weeks Nala was on a raw diet supplemented by grain-free kibble, and loving it. 

This year, Nala’s bloodwork levels came back perfect, and Sandi knows that a high quality, biologically appropriate diet is the reason why. It’s a huge relief not just for Sandi but many others in the area as well. That’s because, as a certified therapy dog, Nala is a regular at area veterans clubs and long-term care centers, where she changes lives for the better with every visit!

Meanwhile Sandi is so excited about what good food can do that she has made a career change, opening Nala Jean’s, a pet food store selling only Raw Bistro raw and select grain-free pet foods. Sandi operates Nala Jean’s out of her garage at 20072 Raven Ave., with Nala acting as store greeter and product tester. The shop is already busy, as there are no other retailers offering these high quality products within 45 miles of Hutchinson. The shop is open select days each week; check the Nala Jean’s facebook page for specifics.

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